Discover Europe’s most beautiful places by train…

Stunning scenery, classic journeys, unique experiences – when it comes to exploring Europe, train is the only way to travel.

Whether you’re winding slowly through glorious mountain scenery, soaking up the atmosphere of a vintage railway carriage or tucking into a picnic as you speed across country borders, the journey is all part of the experience. Our unique tours showcase the very best European destinations, taking in classic sights and uncovering the secrets you won’t read about in guidebooks.

Epic experiences

Can’t decide where to go on your next trip? When you travel Europe by train you’ll experience a cultural kaleidoscope, visiting multiple cities and even crossing borders without hours spent faffing at check-in or stuck on a motorway. One day you might be standing in the ruins of a Roman amphitheatre – the next strolling through a lively market or exploring a UNESCO-listed city centre. You could wake up in Lithuania and go to sleep in Latvia, or cruise in vintage comfort between Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria. Whether you’re border-hopping or exploring one stunning region in-depth, expect variety, excitement and discovery on every one of our hand-picked itineraries.

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Vintage Central Portugal

6 to 13 June, 2024
The P&O cruise ship Ventura at Berth in Andalsnes, Norwegian Fjords. Rauma railway train in the station.

Stunning Railways of Norway

22 to 30 June, 2024
Spain Al Andalus

Luxury Trains (Unescorted)

Various dates throughout the year
Classic Baltics

Classic Baltics

8 to 17 August 2024
Hidden Slovenia

Hidden Slovenia

6 to 14 September 2024
Vintage Port

Vintage Port

12 to 19/22 September 2024
Vintage Slovenia (and Lake Bled)

Vintage Slovenia (and Lake Bled)

15 to 22 September 2024
The Magical Minho

The Magical Minho

26 Sept to 3 October 2024
Rails and Lakes of the Dolomites (Sep)

Rails and Lakes of the Dolomites (Sep)

27 September to 6 October, 2024
PTG M41 Cropped

The Eger Counter

10 to 14 October, 2024
The Railways Around Bilbao

The Railways Around Bilbao

10 to 17 October 2024
25Anni Banner

25th Anniversary Rail Tour

November, 2024 TBC

Naples and Sorrento

20 to 28 November 2024
Historic South-West Spain

Historic South-West Spain

5 to 15 March 2025
LR Alamy Train

Springtime in Sicily

23 March to 3 April, 2025
Italian Vintage

Italian Vintage

2 to 13 May 2025

Historic railways

Europe is home to some of the oldest and most lovingly preserved heritage railways in the world, from the Welsh narrow gauge lines to the Balkan alpine railway. Our Enthusiast Tours will take you on a whirlwind trip through European railway history, transporting you on atmospheric vintage lines and visiting fascinating steam museums en-route. Take a vintage tram ride along the Belgian coast, summit Snowdon on a heritage steam-hauled train or discover Hungary through a network of rare lines. Get behind-the-scenes access to some of South West England’s preserved lines or travel on a former Orient Express carriage. For anybody with an interest in railway history, this is without a doubt the most exciting and inspiring way to see Europe.

Secret places

Our carefully crafted itineraries will take you to far-flung corners of Europe and introduce you to undiscovered gems. Head off the tourist trail to ramble along old Portuguese railway lines, explore the peaceful fishing villages of Sardinia via narrow-gauge feeder lines or head to Slovenia for a tour of sleepy wine regions, glorious mountain ranges and off-the-beaten-track UNESCO sites. All with the benefit of an expert, locally knowledgeable guide.

Cultural connections

When you travel with us, you won’t just be trooping around the usual tourist sites. PTG Tours aim to give you a deeper insight into local culture – and we think that the best way to get a feel for a country’s history and character is to hop aboard a vintage train. That’s why our European tours so often use historic railways to travel between cultural hotspots. Whether you’re wine tasting your way across Portugal, discovering Georgia’s ancient monasteries or sharing a meal with a local family in rural Bulgaria, each of our Culture Tours is a journey of discovery and cultural intrigue.

Scenic train journeys

Don’t forget to pack a camera, because our tours are brimming with photo opportunities. From Serbia’s narrow-guage Šargan Eight railway and the famous Little Yellow Train of the Pyrenees to the Train des Merveilles between Nice and Cuneo, we’ll introduce you to some of Europe’s most scenic train journeys. Chug across Alpine passes, admire breath-taking views of Slovakia’s ancient forests, travel through the world-famous Semmering Pass or soak up the majesty of the Italian Lakes, all from the comfort of a rail carriage.

The last word in rail luxury

It’s nice to be looked after sometimes, which is why we’ve geared every one of our fantastic itineraries around your comfort. We’ve sought out the best-placed accommodation, the most delicious food and the most enjoyable travel experiences – so all you’ll need to do is relax and let the scenery roll by. If you’d like something even more luxurious then why not explore Snowdonia, South West England, Spain or Portugal on one of our once-in-a-lifetime In Style tours?

The joy of a slower pace of travel

The most comfortable way to travel long distances is by train. Sit back, relax and watch the scenery roll by as you zoom through France on a TGV, relax on the Eurostar en-route to Brussels or even experience one of our Grand Tours and travel to the Arctic Circle without setting foot in an airport. Our no-fly tours are a great way to enjoy the best that Europe has to offer minus the stress of flying.