Choosing the style of tour is as important as the tour itself

Escorted holidays by rail offer a unique opportunity to explore the world in a different and more inspiring way and where you are not limited in the style of tour.

The style of tour is a very individual choice, based on what somebody wants to achieve and experience in a holiday. Especially one as different as excursions by train, where style and experience take on a whole other world few get to experience in today’s world of quick and cheap thrills.

Ask anyone why they like to travel, and you’ll no doubt receive a multitude of personal reasons. Dig down deep enough though, and you’ll find some common points, and these often include:

  • Looking for adventure
  • Experiencing new or indulging in favourite cultures
  • A passion for certain foods
  • Relaxation or excitement
  • A love of nature and scenery
  • Luxury experiences
  • Personal growth, inspiration and education
  • Bucket list

All these factors come together when you begin to decide what kind of holiday you want. More so these days, travellers define their holiday choices less by destination and more by goals – what is it you as a holidaymaker wish to achieve? For some, this question evolves into whether it’s a holiday at all. Perhaps it’s better described as an experience. How often have you heard the phrase “I’ll need a holiday after that holiday!

In a nutshell, today’s ‘holidaymakers’ are looking for a lot more from their holidays than just a relaxing break on the beach.

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How to choose your style of tour

As the phrase goes “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. In choosing a rail-based escorted tour with PTG, you might make that first step by asking a simple question: “How do you want to feel once you return from your holiday?”

This simple question leads to so many more, questions that can help you decide on the best style of holiday. For instance, here are some typical answers you hear from travellers returning or reflecting on a recent trip:

  • “I’m exhausted, but had a whale of a time.”
  • “It was so thrilling to be able to see ‘xxxx’ for the first time.”
  • “I surprised myself because I have never done that before.”
  • “The scenery was spectacular.”
  • “I feel so relaxed and had so much fun, and I can’t wait to do that again.”
  • “The food was just amazing, nothing like you’d expect.”
  • “The people we met and cultures introduced to us were so inspiring.”
  • “A trip of a lifetime, something to tell the grandkids.”
  • “It was food for the soul and the ultimate in mental relaxation.”
  • “We were able to see and experience so much in such a short space of time.”

To help our clients decide on the type of rail trip they want, we have classified our tour styles into the following four categories:

Grand Tours

As the name suggests, we have designed these tours to encompass the splendour of a variety of different destinations and experiences in just one rail adventure. These excursions are genuinely awe-inspiring and introduce the traveller to not only the majesty of the locations we present but also the luxurious and opulently decorated locomotives that transport you through stunning scenery. Truly, travel and elegance from a time gone by.

In Style

Sophistication, comfort and luxury is the name of the game. Experience the finest in accommodation, award-winning food, vintage train experiences, feasts of sight and sound and experience the very best in art & culture our destinations by rail have to offer. Sit back in sheer luxury and absorb the sights and sound as they pass by, or engaging with them on our carefully planned stop-offs led by our experienced guides.

Culture Tours

Designed especially for those intrepid travellers who want to explore the historical depths of a destination, these tours are a culture focused extravaganza explored in vintage steam trains from a time long past. These tours are artfully crafted with the history and culture buff in mind and lead by professional and experienced local guides. Our guides show you the real side of a regions cultural collection, not the usual tourist traps.

Enthusiasts Tours

PTG’s rail experts have designed these tours around the mind of a rail enthusiast. Fill your days on our expertly crafted itineraries with vintage transport, notable railway museums, travelling along long forgotten tracks, all enjoyed through the quality travel you’ve come to expect from PTG. Often these tours are one-offs featuring private charter trains using unusual carriages and locomotives, and visiting unusual lines; some which don’t normally see passenger trains.