An escorted train travel holiday is as much about the journey as the destination. From seeking out an extensive collection of locomotives to dining in a restored  coach with an air of nostalgic romanticism, our exclusive train journeys cater to devotees of all things culture, history and train related, appeasing your appetite and curiosity.

Every escorted tour featured in this category concentrates on the specific rather than the general. A distinctive focus on vintage transport means that you can travel along antiquated tracks, admiring spectacular backdrops, and in vintage carriages. Our itineraries, inspired by lovers of locomotives, include excursions to notable railway museums, and opportunities to experience short narrow-gauge railways, funicular railways and traditional tramlines.

Set off in a private charter train, sometimes complete with a dining car, as your venture across a rare and beautiful track in Hungary, or join us on the railways of Spain or Portugal, crossing numerous freight only lines, marvelling at the magnificence of the destination’s varied scenery. You will visit some of the most stunning places on earth and come back with many once-in-a-lifetime tales.

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(Please note that itinerary and destination availability varies through the year and each year, therefore the tour mentioned may not currently be available at the time of reading. We mention them to describe the types of experiences you could typically expect with this style of tour.)

Unique escorted experiences for rail holiday enthusiasts

Discover rare locomotives, ride on famous railways, explore fascinating loco depots and seek out train-themed treasures in marvellous museums – all while travelling through some of the world’s most beautiful and intriguing places.

Designed by passionate rail enthusiasts, our itineraries combine world-renowned train journeys with undiscovered gems. From restored trams and steam heat carriages to freight trains, fabulous funiculars and – of course – steam locomotives, we’ll introduce you to the ultimate in historic and vintage transport.

If you think that the best way to see the world is through a cloud of steam, our enthusiast tours are for you.

Vintage railways

Nothing beats relaxing in the traditional comfort of a historic railway carriage while plumes of steam blow past the open window. That’s why our tours place a strong focus on heritage lines and vintage transport. Travel in style through Hungary, taking rare diesel-hauled locomotives along lines usually dedicated to electric. Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime trip through the Andes, chugging along rugged mountain railways on steam-hauled charters. Or ride a restored 1930s tram around Belgium’s beautiful coastline. When you travel with us, it’s as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

Magical museums

One of the great joys of enthusiast travel is delving deeper into railway history. Museums, workshops and heritage stations are an important feature of our tours, many displaying impressive line-ups of preserved locomotives. Join our escorted Belgium rail tour, where you’ll visit a museum housed in the preserved buildings of Schaarbeek railway station and see the country’s captivating restoration workshops – or head to exotic Jordan for an exciting itinerary packed with hidden museums and locomotive depts. Our experienced local guides can offer further insight into regional railway history, making each guided tour a truly bespoke experience.

World-famous railways

There are some lines that are unparalleled in beauty, vintage splendour and historic import – and we’ve tried to pack as many of them as possible in our action-packed itineraries. Imagine riding Mexico’s Copper Canyon Line, marvelling at this incredible feat of engineering as you wind for 400 miles beneath mountains, through tunnels and across steep ravines. Perhaps you’d prefer to travel on the famous Guayaquil & Quito Railroad in Ecuador, which climbs 10,000 feet in just 50 miles and has been dubbed the ‘most difficult train in the world’. Or experience a mock attack by ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ as you take the lauded steam-hauled tourist train through Jordan. When you travel with us, you’ll enjoy the world’s most exciting rail experiences without the organisational hassle.

Secret local treasures

Travelling on little-known lines, chuffing along behind rare locomotives, learning obscure but fascinating facts about local railway history – our tours are as much about making new discoveries as they are about seeing world-renowned sites. Enjoy unusual experiences – from riding a hacienda horse-drawn railway in Mexico to traversing volcanos by train in the Andes. Take private charter trains on lines usually reserved for freight travel in Spain and Israel. Travel behind preserved locomotives in Hungary as you tour railway museums and wine regions. Visit most of Israel’s freight lines in a unique and immersive charter rail tour. Each of our exciting enthusiast-themed itineraries is packed with hidden gems and unusual experiences.

Beyond escorted train travel

Trams, riverboats, funiculars, – there’s more than just trains to get excited about on our escorted tours. You might find yourself exploring Bruges’ famous canal network by boat or taking a vintage tram ride along the Belgian coast. Maybe you’ll choose to tram-hop across Budapest, enjoy a night of food and music aboard a riverboat or visit a tram and trolly bus museum in Mexico City. The emphasis we place on vintage transport doesn’t end with trains, so you can expect to travel on a wide range of classic, preserved and heritage vehicles.

Culture and scenery

As well as riding on vintage lines, visiting fascinating museums and experiencing the joys of rail travel past and present, our escorted enthusiast tours also offer the chance to explore local cultures and wind through stunning scenery. Come with us to Jordan, where you’ll see the world-renowned Roman ruins at Jerash and the stunning rock-carved city of Petra. Join our Steam in the Andes tour and journey through an ever-changing landscape of rice paddies, river canyons and snow-capped mountains. Or immerse yourself in the history of the First World War as you explore Belgium’s monuments and battle sites. With our action-packed escorted railway holiday itineraries and fabulous destinations, you’re sure to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.