Ditch the idea that Stockholm is the must-see in Sweden, the old town grandeur of Sweden’s Dutch-style cities should not be missed.

The west coast of Sweden is home to two of the country’s largest cities, each offering a unique coastal experience. In the battle for supremacy, many Swedish cities are overlooked for Stockholm. But, Malmo and Göteborg put up a good fight, offering a less-touristy environment with a more relaxing experience. They are the perfect cities to enjoy a fika break to reconnect with friends, an important ritual in Swedish culture.

The PTG train dives down into the Öresund link from København and rushes out to expose you to Malmo – where you will find Sweden’s oldest Renaissance castle and Folkets Park which is the oldest public park in the world. From here, travel up the coast to Göteborg, where travellers can enjoy traditional Nordic seafood and tour the city’s extensive tram network.