Appreciators of the magnificent and the impressive, the superb and the majestic, will have their expectations not only met, but also spectacularly exceeded during every one of these Escorted Grand Railway Tours. Exclusivity is a given, and the real magic lies in the moments of unexpected splendour as you travel along the tracks of some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world.

Inspired by stately international sights and extraordinary sceneries, these meticulously fashioned journeys allow travellers to tick off bucket-list worthy landmarks. Vintage carriages and  locomotives, lavishly decorated and exuding a timeless elegance, will transport you through the palm-tree plantations of Colombo on “Wonders of Sri Lanka by Rail”, past the citadel of Machu Picchu on “Rail and Ancient Wonders of Peru” and over Alaska’s shimmering glaciers on “Rail and Natural Wonders of Alaska”.

Off the rails, the enchantment continues as in-depth excursions encompass the unique beauty of each destination. Guided expeditions reveal the historical and cultural significance of every city – paying particular attention to fascinating museums, alluring art galleries and imposing monuments. Additional outings are sure to indulge the senses, such a stopover and soak in rejuvenating hot springs on “Hidden Colombia by Rail”.

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Steam off on the train trip of a lifetime

(Please note that itinerary and destination availability varies through the year and each year, therefore the tour mentioned may not currently be available at the time of reading. We mention them to describe the types of experiences you could typically expect with this style of tour.)

Exotic destinations, world-famous sites, epic rail journeys – on our exclusive Grand Tours, adventure waits around every corner.

Combining natural wonders with magical cultural sites, each of our highlight-packed itineraries aims to offer a travel experience that is, quite simply, unforgettable. You’ll visit the world’s most inspiring destinations, journey through scenery stunning enough to fill an entire stack of photo albums and ride in luxurious vintage train carriages. Expect nothing less than a true treat for the senses.

With expert guides on hand to offer local insight and all the organisational legwork covered, there’s nothing for you to do but sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Fabled experiences

Ever dreamed of visiting Santa in Lapland, exploring an ancient Aztec pyramid or spotting bears, eagles and whales up close? Our Grand Tours will transport you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary, visiting some of the world’s most legendary locations and encompassing a wealth of bucket list experiences. Enjoy incredible wildlife encounters, see renowned monuments, explore breathtaking UNESCO-listed sites and experience inspiring rail journeys. This is the world as you’ve never seen it before.

Spellbinding scenery from the comfort of a luxurious train

Natural beauty is at the centre of our Grand Tour rail itineraries. From high mountains to glorious coastlines and from rolling tea plantations to ancient conifer forests, each carefully designed itinerary showcases a wealth of scenic splendour and diversity. Head for Sri Lanka, where you’ll ride classic locomotives between wildlife-rich national parks and glorious gardens. Journey through the Alaskan wilderness, enjoying views of North America’s highest peak and keeping an eye out for bears in the trees. Chug through spectacular canyon country in Mexico, or glory in panoramic mountains vistas on a tour of New England. One thing’s for sure – you’ll need a camera at the ready.

Historic sites

It isn’t just natural splendour that makes our rail-based Grand Tours so special. We’ll transport you back into history with visits to both world-famous and off-the-radar locations – all with knowledgeable guides to bring the past to life. Whether it’s strolling through timeless North American coastal villages, discovering colonial fortresses, seeing the Scandinavian Mary Rose, exploring the narrow cobbled streets of Baroque cities or uncovering the secrets of ancient civilisations, each tour offers a unique journey back in time. And, of course, travelling on historic railway lines adds an extra dimension of timelessness and glamour.

Cultural immersion

One of the joys of travel is escaping the tourist trail and finding out what really makes a place tick. There are plenty of majestic museums and spectacular sites on our Grand Tours – but you’ll also have the opportunity to experience local customs, eat traditional food and see the places that most travellers never get to explore. Perhaps you’ll find yourself toe-tapping to local Mariachi bands in Guadalajara, experiencing an island-hopping discovery tour around Trondheim or lunching in an off-the-radar Sri Lankan restaurant. When you travel with us, you’ll always enjoy the benefit of added local insight courtesy of our experienced guides.

Majestic railways

Grand scenery, grand sights and, of course, grand rail journeys. There’s no more majestic way to see the world than by train. Our Grand Tour itineraries incorporate some of the world’s best-known and most scenic railways, from the Copper Canyon Railway in Mexico to the legendary Alaska Railroad. You’ll have the opportunity to delve more deeply into rail history too, with the option of visiting rail museums, locomotive sheds and workshops. With our emphasis on vintage transport, expect to be transported back to a more sophisticated age as you ride on restored carriages, chug along behind steam locomotives and even explore far-flung Nordic coastlines on a nostalgic steam boat trip.

Seasonal delights by rail

Our escorted tours don’t just visit the world’s most spellbinding locations – they are also carefully timed to allow you to experience those places at their most beautiful. Visit New England in autumn, when the forests erupt in a riot of fall colours. Ski around the clock on a summer trip into the Arctic Circle, taking advantage of 24-hour daylight to live it up in the land of the midnight sun. Avoid torrential showers and blistering heat by visiting Sri Lanka at the coolest and most pleasant time of year. We’ve given as much thought to timings as we have to locations, adding an extra element of drama and beauty to our Grand Train Tours. With an escorted tour for every season, you can explore the world in style at any time of year.