As the geographical and cultural bridge between Central and Southeast Europe, landlocked Hungary’s history has many fascinating tales that are sketched across its varied landscape.

Whether you’re staying in Budapest or travelling through Hungary’s enchanting countryside, there’s so much culture, history and cuisine to be discovered. Hungary’s historic buildings, such as the jaw-dropping exterior of Budapest’s Parliament Building, can more than hold their own against the beautiful sights of Vienna and Prague. However, it’s the fascinating juxtaposition of the old and new that makes Hungary stand out from its European counterparts.

Join PTG as we explore these contrasts and more by journeying through the country in our ‘Really Hungary’ tour. Continue on with us, and you can experience everything Budapest and its surrounding areas have to offer with the ‘Hungary – A Little Bit More’ tour. Or join us as we bid an emotional adieu to some of Hungary’s likely soon-to-be-closed branch lines in our ‘Clearly Hungary – A Branch Line Farewell’ tour.

Rail & Cultural Journeys In Hungary