French culture meets Italian sun on the island of Corsica. With 1,000 miles of coastlines, warm Mediterranean waters and beaches covered with multi-coloured pebbles or fine white sand, Corsica is a paradise to many.

Beyond beaches, a wealth of heritage and culture awaits. Follow the footsteps of Napoleon in the city of Ajaccio, descend the 187 steps of the ‘Escalier du Roi d’Aragon’ (King of Aragon Steps) in Bonifacio, take a history lesson at the 13th-century Bastion de I’Etendard, the list is endless and will definitely keep you well entertained.

To truly experience Corsica, travel on the island’s famous 150-year-old narrow-gauge railway. Known locally as the ‘Trinicellu’ (‘little train’), the railway is not just a convenient form of travel but delivers some of the most stunning sights you’ll see from a train carriage. PTG is proud to offer the ‘Rail Wonders of Sardinia and Corsica’ tour which sees our guests take in the wonderful sights of neighbouring Sardinia before travelling to Corsica and journeying on its memorable railway.