Offering everything that a traveller to Central Europe desires in a location, minus a constant swarm of tourists, much of Slovakia’s undisturbed countryside landscape is peaceful and breathtaking.

While the countries it borders with – Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungry and Ukraine – have huge tourism industries, Slovakia has never received a fair shake of the traveller’s dice. But the country’s rustic charm, enchanting medieval architecture, glorious panoramic views, majestic mountains, and UNESCO-listed sites tell a different story. And that’s without mentioning its incredible capital city, Bratislava.

This possibly has something to do with it sitting in the shadows of the Czech Republic – its former partner in Czechoslovakia before it was granted independence in 1993. But sitting in the shadows of others is nothing new to the country. At one time or other, it found itself on the fringes of two imposing superpowers – both the Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empires. The country’s beautiful architectural backdrop was born from this interesting geographical position in world history, which makes a rail journey through Slovakia an ideal option. Thankfully, PTG Tours provides just that with our ‘Vintage Slovakia (and into Poland)’ tour – where you’ll get to see the best cultural and historical highlights, as well as the country’s most impressive vistas.

Rail & Cultural Journeys In Slovakia