From the spellbinding Vilnius Old Town to the jaw-dropping opulence and scenery of Trakai Castle, Lithuania offers so much for visitors to see.

Much like the best travel locations, Lithuania offers a little bit of everything – nature, attractions, hidden gems, culture, art and history. While rural Lithuania retains an utterly charming connection with the unspoiled natural lands, cities such as Vilnius and Kaunas have an enduring medieval air but also pulsate with a creative buzz instilled by its youthful population.

Between November and February, much of the country is blanketed by snow before the warmer weather hits in May. But it’s perhaps autumn that is most inspiring in Lithuania – as the landscape put on brilliant displays of red and gold colours, it induces a magical feeling as if you are walking in a living, breathing fairytale. With PTG’s ‘Vintage Baltics’ tour, you can experience Lithuania in autumn as we travel around the cities of Vilnius and Kaunas, take a trip to the incredible Trakai Castle and journey through the country’s ethereal landscape by rail.

Rail & Cultural Journeys In Lithuania