Despite not being as well-known as its larger Sicilian neighbour, Sardinia is nonetheless a must-see Mediterranean island, with a rich history and culture separate from that of mainland Italy.

While it may be the island’s vast stretch of pristine beaches and shimmering blue waters that entice visitors to Sardinia’s shores, it’s also home to two UNESCO-listed sites. Take, for example, the Nuraghe edifices, which date back to the Bronze Age and can only be found on this island. Originally, it was believed that there were over 10,000 of these ancient structures scattered across Sardinia, and today an astonishing 7,000 Nuraghes remain. The Sardinian mines are another highlight that have existed in some form or other, since 6,000 BC.

Beyond Sardinia’s beach and history scene, there’s so much more to discover – many even think that Sardinia offers the experience of a mini-continent. And with PTG Tours, you’ll get to uncover it all on the ‘Rail Wonders of Sardinia and Corsica’ tour. During this carefully designed trip, you’ll travel on every railway line across the island, ensuring that you see the most complete picture of this remarkable place.