Tour Date: 10 to 15 October, 2024Location: Hungary

On this year’s Hungary enthusiasts railtour we again visit rare lines, use unusual locomotives. A highlight is the narrow gauge line at Eger.

We have requested that departure times each day to be after 9am.

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Tour Highlights

  • Private charter train
  • Popular locomotives
  • Some non-passenger lines
  • Good hotels
  • Unusual locomotive haulage
  • Scenic narrow gauge line
  • Tour Itinerary
  • Prices & Options
  • Booking
  • Gallery
  • Transport & Accommodation

Day 1 Wednesday 9 October

If you are just wanting to travel on the charter train then you can fly out tomorrow. If you want to see a bit more of Budapest you can fly out today. Flight options; Heathrow (09:55, 14:00, 21;15), Gatwick (13:20, 16:05), Stansted (11:30, 13:20, 15:35, 18:00), Luton (08:35, 15:30, 20:00), East Midlands (09:00), Edinburgh (19:50).

Day 2 Thursday 10 October

Out to Budapest with flights from Heathrow (09:25, 13:25, 20:45), Gatwick (13:20, 16:05), Stansted (09:00, 12:20, 15:20), Luton (08:35, 15:30, 20:00), Birmingham (19:05), Manchester (16:30).

Hungary’s capital city alongside along the Blue Danube. Treat yourself to an all you can eat meal and music on board a riverboat or ride the elaborate tram network in town.

Rail Map for Eger

Day 3 Friday 11 October (B)

After breakfast, we have a short walk to join our special train at Budapest Keleti station. Our route is Budapest Keleti–Kőbánya felső–Kőbánya teher (freight yards)*–Csömör–Kerepes. This may be the last time to do the curve between Kőbánya felső and Kőbánya teher pu. as the track is now used solely for movements to/from the curve connecting to the HÉV system (and God knows how long that will last?). Then we continue Kerepes to Cinkota, then Cinkota–Gödöllő–Gödöllő MÁV. Then Gödöllő–Eger freight yards–Felnémet–Omya–Eger.

HÉV M44 + Bzmot trailers: Budapest Keleti–Kőbánya felső–Kőbánya teher (freight yards)*–Csömör–Kerepes HÉV electric loco + Bzmot trailers + HÉV M44: Kerepes–Cinkota
HÉV M44 + Bzmot trailers: Cinkota–Gödöllő–Gödöllő MÁV; change to MÁV-Start trains
V-Híd 628 104/629 001: Gödöllő–Eger freight yards–Felnémet–Omya–Eger

We spend the night in Eger. Eger is the county seat of Heves County, and the second largest city in Northern Hungary (after Miskolc). Eger is best known for its medieval castle, thermal baths, baroque buildings, the northernmost Ottoman minaret, and red wines.

PTG HEV M44 low res
PTG HEV M44 low res

Day 4 Saturday 12 October (B)

Today we start off MÁV-Start retro liveried M41 (418 103 or 418 112): Eger–Szilvásvárad (3 to 4 hours rest while we do the narrow-gauge)–Eger (unit only branch). On the narrow gauge we will have a L60 diesel (with Rods). After we return to Eger our special train will continue to the Visontai power plant hauled by a RCH Class 481 battery-electric hybrid locomotive which almost certainly be the first use of this class on a passenger train. Overnight in Eger.

Day 5 Sunday 13 October (B)

Eger–Kál Kápolna–Kisterenye (line 84 is freight only) with a HÉV 449 734 loco. We then change to NOHAB-GM 618 010 and travel Kisterenye–Salgótarján–Alcufer branch–Salótarján külső–steel foundry branch–Hatvan freight yards–Jászberény–Aszód–Budapest Keleti (unit only branch and two rare curves at Hatvan).

Day 6 Monday 14 October (B)

Fly home today or stay on for another day exploring Budapest. Flights are to; Heathrow (12:25, 14:25, 17:45), Gatwick (10:55, 12:35, 20:10), Stansted (09:55, 16:45, 18:30), Luton (13:05, 17:35), Birmingham (06:35, 21:15, 21:30), Manchester (11:05, 21:00), Leeds/Bradford (20:40), Edinburgh (10:20).

Day 7 Tuesday 15 October (B)

Road transfers to the airport for those returning to the UK. Heathrow (11:50, 14:30, 18:10), Gatwick (20:20), Stansted (11:20, 13:15), Luton (13:05, 17:35), Liverpool (07:25), Edinburgh (15:20).

Prices (per person)

  • Special train only: £780 (3 days) – price TBC and we hope this is a maximum.
  • Accommodation in double/twin: £210 (4 nights), £270 (5 nights), £330 (6 nights)
  • Flight price confirmed at time of booking, with luggage allow £120 to £250


  • Accommodation in single use room: add £100 (4 nights), £130 (5 nights), £160 (6 nights)


  • £300 plus any flight costs

Online Booking


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