This colossal country may run from the east to the west coast, but in-between you’ll find an incredible selection of memorable vistas, varying cultures, delicious cuisine, beautiful buildings and iconic sights.

In America, they like to do and make everything big – from the buildings to the cars to the food portions: bigger is better. And given the sheer size and scope of the country, it’s easy to see why this view prevails. With 50 states to visit, as well as the capital Washington, D.C., this country appeals to those who yearn for exploration. On the one hand, there’s bustling Downtown New York; on the other, there’s the 3,500 square miles of scenic Yellowstone National Park. Then there’s the hot and humid summer nights of Florida or the wildlife wonderland that’s Alaska.

These are just some of the contrasting experiences that can be discovered in America. While it’s impossible to see everything that this truly wondrous country offers in just one sitting, PTG Tours runs two escorted and comprehensive rail tours. As the railroads helped shape modern America during the Frontier era, it’s only fitting that we journey along them on the ‘Trains & Treasures of the Western States’ tour that sees us take in six states across 15 days. The ‘Rail & Natural Wonders of Alaska’ tour allows travellers the opportunity to see the spectacular state in all its glory.