Latest News - 08/08/2022

Update on our “Portugal the Return” railtour and massive discount on our “A Royal Douro Cruise” for the final three cabins.

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Portugal – The Return

I am sorry to report that CP (Portuguese national rail operator) have suddenly informed us that we have to move our tour to run two weeks later (so now flying out Saturday 5 November). Lack of resources is the reason as the peak season on the Douro is until 31 October.

A Royal Douro Cruise – £400 OFF – LAST CHANCE FOR THIS TOUR

We have just 3 cabins left for this cruise and we can offer them now at £400 off the original price, So £1,485 plus flight costs rather than £1,895. This is your last chance to travel on this historic boat with PTG. From 2023 we have to charge £2,450 per person, so we have decided to no longer offer this holiday.

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