Previously labelled as the world’s least happy place, Moldova is sure to have the opposite effect on all those who visit this beautiful Eastern European nation today.

Tucked in-between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is remarkably picturesque, with endless country scenes, and mostly hilly terrain boasting copious viewpoints to take in the rural vistas. Ancient cave monasteries balance atop soaring cliffs and peaceful local villages overlook grasslands scattered with cows.

For five decades, this country was part of the Soviet Union, and it still features plenty of remnants from this era. The capital, Chisinau, in particular, is home to Soviet-style architecture and pre-WWII structures, amid leafy streets, pretty parks and rows of cafes. Just outside of the city, stretches of golden vineyards yielding notable labels can be found, and with PTG Tours, you will get to stop over at the famous Mileștii Mici tunnels – an underground cave network that houses the world’s biggest wine cellar. Our ‘Clear Moldova’ tour also offers a unique opportunity to travel on locomotives dating back to the Soviet period, across several freight branches and magnificent landscapes.

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