Colombia’s overflowing history, passionate culture and an incredible array of biodiversity ensure that no traveller will be left unsatisfied by a trip to this exciting and vivid destination.

Birthplace of Pablo Escobar, one of the world’s richest men, and the focus of the hit Netflix series ‘Narcos’, Colombia offers a wealth of seemingly never-ending experiences. Bogota, the up-and-coming capital, provides some of the best cuisine, art and architecture – all while surrounded by a veritable wall of nature in the form of the breathtaking Eastern Hills. A third of the country is comprised of the Amazon basin, home to incredible plants and unique fauna. Some of the world’s largest remaining coral reef systems can also be found along the country’s magnificent and completely untamed Pacific coastline.

Experience that coastline, and more, with PTG’s ‘Hidden Colombia by Rail’ tour. We travel along portions of the historic gauge railway that once connected the country’s south Pacific coast with its north Atlantic coastline, and journey around historic Downtown Bogota to see the building’s associated with Simon Bolivar – the man who led the secession of many of South America’s states, including Colombia, from Spain.

Rail & Cultural Journeys In Colombia